Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome to Newt Country!

University of West Georgia College Republicans Chairman David Bachman

Perhaps it was the presence of right wing radio host Sean Hannity, but the "non-partisan" event hosted at the Cobb Galleria by American Solutions definitely had a one sided feel. To search for the "non" in the partisan, attendees walked past a gauntlet of campaign tables inlcuding Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss. Nary a Democratic campaingn in sight.

With the official kick-off of the event hours away, the only attraction in the hall was Sean Hannity's live radio show. Hannity's boisterous manner had already caused one member of the local press to flee to a quiet corner in order to file a report. Speaker Gingrich spoke at length with Hannity, promising to begin a grassroots pledge drive on Monday with a guarantee that if $30 million could be raised by October 21, he would throw his hat into the Presidential campaign follies.

The American Solutions event continues on Saturday with a series of workshops at West Georgia College. Univerisity of West College Republicans Chairman David Bachman said he hopes for a high turnout. When asked about the non-partisan nature of the event, Bachman, perhaps betraying the true undercurrent, rolled his eyes.

Things could be different this evening as Democratic National Chair Roy Romer is scheduled to speak at the event. Time will tell if he is met with applause, more eyerolling or catcalls.


Sara said...

I think this is the GOP idea of tolerance: we'll tolerate a couple of you Democratic types at our events, but just so we can claim we're non-partisan.

MTHEORY said...

I call foul on that comment sara: see this post:

Repubs are rule-of-law types (generally) who observe most of the social protocols, even when confronted by folks who disagree with us. That's why we're so boring.

Aerodad said...

Eat a bag, MT, Sara's spot on the money; just because you guys didn't burn the queer at the stake doesn't make you tolerant. I have the audio recording of how tolerant you were of his big gay liberal anomalous presence. It's just like the way Dubyah says the Dems are putting children's health insurance at risk by not giving him the bill HE WANTS. Sorry, Jerkface in Chief, if the Congress, which represents the people passes a bill, it's not their fault if you're too much of a cheapass to pass it. The world does not revolve around W, nor the BYRs.

MTHEORY said...

Lighten up, asshole. I wasn't even there. I was linking to this quote in the post by the man who actually went:
"Rufus at this point told me to shut up, that I was at a Buckhead YR meeting and I could be escorted out. I had wondered if I would be kicked out, and I was prepared to go quietly. But the leadership, both the Buckhead YR chair and the state YR chair told people to calm down, leave me alone, and that I was welcome and safe here. I admit that was pretty classy of them, and it provides an excellent example of civility that I would expect Young Dems to provide to them should they ever come to our events. In fact, I'd insist on returning that kindness. They did not have to step up like that, and I truly appreciated it."

Sara said...

You can call foul all you want but the fact that one group of Republicans was not rude to a Democrat means absolutely nothing about the greater issue of tolerance of opposing viewpoints. Let's be honest, most of the people at the event yesterday would not miss Romer and Franklin if they were not there, and didn't give a damn about what they had to say. They were there to see Newt and people who agree with him. I don't see why that statement is such a foul. I would say the same thing if John McCain were invited to speak at a event.

MTHEORY said...

I'm not going to argue with you -it's way too nice outside and having a comments war about tolerance seems a little too ironic for me. (Paging Alanis Morissette.)

But, with all respect, you didn't say "people" are intolerant of opposing views, you said "This is the GOP idea of tolerance," and accused REPUBLICANS of only tolerating "Democratic types" in order to make a (false) claim of being non-partisan. That's very different than your expectation for McCain at a MoveOn event, and that's what I was objecting to, is all.

PS: I am still laughing about that post you linked to from Wonkette -the email from Hillary. Thanks for posting it.

Amber Rhea said...

Why don't you stop with your hate speech, Sara.

(Yes, this not-so-inside joke is still grimly amusing to me.)

Pokerista said...

But Amber, I didn't even use the F word!

And I still maintain that I do not think the GOP, and particularly the slice of it that worships Gingrich and Hannity, is particularly tolerant of Democratic viewpoints. I just don't understand why that is such an offensive thing to say, or why proof that a group of Republicans weren't openly hostile to one Democrat at this meeting one time shows anything at all about the tolerance of the party as a whole.

Amber Rhea said...

But Amber, I didn't even use the F word!

There you go again with your lawyer tricks.

Unknown said...

grift, just to clear one item up: I personally contacted every Presidential campaign, Democrat and Republican, to invite them to have a table at the event. The Kucinich campaign accepted and had their table there beginning around 5:30 until after the end of the event.

Also the real "meat" of Solutions Day is today with over 20 Workshops occuring all over the country today, with presenters from both parties and from all walks of life. All workshops are free webcast live and later avaialble on demand at and on Dish Network 219 and DirecTV Channel 577.

griftdrift said...

RJ, I was hoping you would show up. I wanted to try to get a comment from you on the day but couldn't find you. I understand your position and hope you can see I tried to keep the tone of my piece as neutral as possible. Having said that, 8 hours of talk radio and Speaker Gingrich regurgitatinng Republican talking points like English should be the official language and then a conservative blogger crows about the event "putting its money where its mouth is" on bi-partisanship because he spots the Kucinich table? Not saying that was your intention but it seems a bit absurd.

Good luck with today. Hope it's constructive.

Anonymous said...

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