Friday, September 07, 2007

The Glenn Tax

Much has been written on Mr. Speaker's GREAT tax plan.

While digging around in my archives, I found something I wrote back in May.
The point is tax reform can be a good and noble effort. But it cannot be haphazard. It cannot be slash and burn. It cannot be a bit of salve here and there to make us all feel better. It must be comprehensive and full of hard choices. And it absolutely must include a discussion of spending and how it can be controlled...So yes, the Speaker's plan is a little nuts. But in a grand scheme might not be such a bad idea. The problem is the devil is in the details and we have a hard time facing the devil.

Read the entire "The Ugly Side Of Tax Reform" here. Also, note in the comments, Rusty had already sniffed out the problem of handing so much control to state government.

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