Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Morning Wooten: Lies

Down here you better be sure if you call someone a son of a bitch.

You call someone a son of a bitch, it will be with a nervous laugh of respect and fear or it will be with the grimace proceeding violence.
Describe it in any terms you like, but this is a party under the control of the ’60s generation of leftists. General Betray Us. The betrayal, if we follow the advice of the Democratic field, won’t be just of the American patriots putting their lives on the line, as Gen. Petraeus is doing, but of every friend of America, especially those in Iraq, who walk through minefields based on our promises. ~Jim Wooten
Perhaps Jim, you missed Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall who called General Petraus' testimony "powerful and persuasive".

Perhaps you missed Democratic Presidential candidate John Edward's wife Elizabeth calling out the critics of General Petraeus.

Perhaps you missed the preeminent progressive blog in Georgia decrying the idiocy of the MoveOn ad.

Jim, you aren't a son of a bitch.

You are just a liar.


Sid Cottingham said...

Some editing might be in order here. Witness:

"Jim, I am not calling you a son of a bitch [rather than 'Jim, you aren't a son of a bitch').

"You are just a liar."

chamblee54 said...

I am not masochistic enough to actually look at, but I do suspect something.
They (possibly) are a front for the administration.
After all, when you can denounce the war opponents, you don't have to defend the war.
While there are flaws in this W and his buddies smart enough to do something like has to be considered. Also, who decided that MO.O speaks for me? ( That is the first time I realized what those intials are. Maybe that will be popular soon.) But then, I don't consider myself a liberal, just a patriotic American who sees the War in Babylon as a self destructive disaster.