Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grady, Morehouse and Sen. Shafer

Much has been made of the seemingly twisted relationship between Emory University and Grady Hospital. Rightly so. All should be done to ensure it is fair to both participants. But this isn't just about those two players.

What is in danger of being lost in the political brouhaha is the role of Morehouse in staffing Grady and possibly more importantly, the role of Grady in providing Morehouse training ground for future physicians.

In today's Insider Advantage, Sen. David Shafer reminds us all there is more in peril than just the institution itself.

"Emory and Morehouse are both outstanding institutions, and they both provide Grady with excellent doctors," Shafer said. "But Morehouse does not own hospitals that compete with Grady. Morehouse's future is tied to Grady in a way that Emory's s not."


Erick Erickson said...

jinx back atcha.

Open+Transparent said...

Shafer has been simply heroic with this whole situation.

Can you imagine Sonny, Glenn, DuBose or Calvin stepping up like this? Shaf's leading, in a non-partisan manner, truly looking out for the great public good.

Cagle, Reed and Adelman, unlike the four above, at least have the capability of doing so.

But they didn't. Good work David Shafer.