Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ms. Loafee

If you are regular reader, you know I keep up with the goings on in Florida as well as Georgia. This means I read Blurbex, the Tampa Bay equivalent to our Fresh Loaf. It was with glee that I noticed they recently celebrated their Best of The Bay awards and assisting in the presentation of the honors was Ms. Loafee. Ms. Loafee! Which of course makes one wonder. Does Atlanta have a Ms. Loafee?

Tampa Bay's Ms. Loafee

Atlanta's Ms. Loafie

Know the difference

Photos by Tampa Bays' Joe Bairdi and Atlanta's Joeff Davis


Anonymous said...

Beware of furries (or is that a plushie?).

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I get the feeling you're gonna find Ken Edelstein under that Furrie suit.

Unknown said...

Reason #183 to love Atlanta: The entire city is topographically mapped to/from the strip clubs. (doughnut:coffee mug::strip clubs:Atlanta).

And, congrats on the Loaf placement!

Aerodad said...

Is there a party in ATL? And do we get invited even if we're only peripherally the critics' faves?

Unknown said...

Party? We had beignets and mimosas yesterday morning in the office.

There might be a beignet in the fridge if you want it.