Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Left's New Meme

In case you thought modern mythological creations were only spawned by the right.
Today's news shows a recognizable shock moment in the annals of a closing society. A very ordinary-looking American student -- Andrew Meyer, 21, at the University of Florida - was tasered by police when he asked a question of Senator John Kerry about the impeachment of President George Bush.

Ummmmmmm, no he wasn't. He was tasered after repeatedly acting in an erratic manner and continuously lashing out out at security officers.

Lies. You can find them at every point on the spectrum.


Aerodad said...

Sweet Jesus, what a trough of horse shit. I may have to re-think my future cooperation with HuffPo if that's the kind of tripe they put on their front page. Some other guy already made the same FoxNewsian misstatements this morning, and I commented along the same lines. Glad they're going to write at least three posts on the same old story and get it wrong so consistently.

F'ing liberals. Just like the f'ing conservatives.

Unknown said...

The funny thing about this whole story is that if you actually look at what transpired, John Kerry was asking the security guards to let the kid go, saying he would answer the kid's (and I quote) "important question". I don't think this has anything to do with the left or the right or anything politically based, just a security team overstepping their bounds and using excessive force

griftdrift said...

Exactly what part of the force was excessive. Lets walk through the police actions.

1. two officers ask him to leave and take his arms. He jerks away waving his arm.

2. A third officer assists and he is escorted to the rear of the room.

3. He breaks away again and appears even more agitated. Officers wrestle him to the ground and attempt to apply handcuffs.

4. After grappling with the officers he finally rolls on his stomach but after they attempt to apply handcuffs, he rolls back over and contintually tries to push the officers off.

5. He's tasered and finally cuffed.

How is it not obvious to everyone that despite repeated attempts by the officers this guy was absolutely not going to be restrained until he was completely disabled.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. The kid, even though he was a little manic in his questions, did ask real questions. Exactly what part of the force was excessive? Trying to remove him in the first place. Had I been there asking a question and they cut off the mic and started to usher me out, I would have been outraged, too. The cops set up a bad situation and made it worse when they pulled out the taser.

Unknown said...

This seems to be one of those events where you separate the agenda-pimps from real people.

Dude tried (successfully, to a degree) to spam the forum, resisted being led off when the police finally pulled the plug, resisted arrest after that, got tazed and was sent off. Good for the police that they gave the dude a finger-pointing lecture instead of an actual ass-kicking.

I really don't care if he's imbalanced from 6+ years of Bush administration or not, or if he was one of those 'time-out' kids. This was a correct application of Taser.

chamblee54 said...

Before taser boi's fifteen minutes are up...and it may already have happened...gohere and see his web page. Click on "buy stuff!!!" and have a good laugh.

Joeventures said...

I have to agree with Scott. Before you get to step 1, there were a couple of aggravating circumstances.

Even before Andrew stepped up to the mic, officers were standing behind him. The organizers of the event, for whatever reason, didn't want Andrew at the mic to begin with.

It's worth pointing out that Andrew is -- by far -- not the first person to ever act like an angry fool in a public forum. The reason why Kerry pointed out that he never saw a situation end this way is because he's seen plenty of Andrew Meyers before, and police never attempted to restrain them.

Andrew was also never a danger to anyone. He was never a threat.

It may be a fact that the police were within their legal right to taser Andrew, but having watched the video from every angle I could find, I see nothing to suggest that the police or the event organizers were ethically right to react to Andrew in the way they did.

Every Andrew Meyer-like participant in every public forum I've been to has been allowed to finish their respective rants. Once they're done, they've vented, no one got hurt and no one needed tasering. The situation would not have escalated had the officers left him alone.