Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Morning Woote...Eh Whatever

There are those days when the tank is a little empty. Today would be one of those days. Of course the last time I said that suddenly I was overwhelmed by items. But today I didn't even take Jim to task for conducting his "internet sample" on Grady.

Well, I can't completely let him get away. Jim, here's a little advice. Instead of opening your door to every troll with a connection, maybe you should check out a few places around the local blogosphere who have been covering this issue. Some of them might actually agree with your position!

Jim, it's rare I give you credit, but I have always been consistent in complimenting you for being one of the first newsmen in the Atlanta area to step through the looking glass of the blogworld. So, perhaps you can return the courtesy by exploring the bright shining lands that are just a few steps beyond your virtual doorstep.

Just some friendly advice from good ol' boy to another. Tomorrow we can go back to feudin'.

P.S. The Insiders already do. Now, you don't want them boys passing you by, do you?

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