Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Georgia Democrat Switches

Although I live in the ATL, I still attempt to keep up with the local politics from my homeland in south Georgia.

For the past year, the worst kept secret in Georgia is that Richard Royal (D-Camilla) was going to switch to an R by his name. The only real question was if he would jump before qualifying in May or run as a Democrat and switch when the legislature convenes. Well, let the speculation end as Royal made the announcement at Friday's meeting of the Camilla Rotary Club.

"Being in the minority has severely restrained my ability to represent my

I'll give him points for honesty. Being out of power is no fun. With the Republicans set to establish a stranglehold on both houses this fall, the Democrats will claw for the scraps of bacon left over. Politics is appropriations. Appropriations are the skins that buy elections. Royal realizes that there is no longer a point being a Democrat in a 65% Republican district and have no chance to gorge on the pork buffet will be inevitable.

The Georgia Democrats have a lot of soul-searching in the next year. Do they continue to fight for their former power base in south Georgia? Do they instead try to take over the state population core within 50 miles of Atlanta?

No matter what happens, next January, Democrats will feel the true loss of power like never before. From that, a very different Georgia Democrat Party could emerge.

Decaturguy at Altanta Public Affairs has his take. Worthwhile reading.

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