Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Billion Dollars!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that tax revenues in the state of Georgia are on an upswing and could create a $1 billion surplus by the end of the year.

This of course means two things: more spending and more electioning.

When the legislature meets next January, the pocketbook will be bulging. Expect the pork to explode out of the state house like a tornado hitting a barbecue pit.

Although by no means a guarantee, this certainly boosts Governor Sonny Perdue's re-relection chances. With the specter of high gas prices and reneging on a promise to change the state flag back to its Confederate roots, Perdue could receive a stiff challenge from the eventual Demoratic primary winner. The election could now turn on what it usually does. It's the economy, stupid. When the economy is soaring, voters usually do not vote for change.

AJC: Georgia Headed for Surplus

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