Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Giuliani Pulls A McCain

Rudy Comes To Shill For Ralph

Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate pretty much crystalizes my feelings on this.

UPDATE: Rudy is also campaigning for Santorum in Pennsylvania. (h/t: The Moderate Voice)

Something about all of this strikes me as odd. An obvious sop towards the right of the Republican party or is there more?


rusty said...

I wondered when you wrote "Jesus God!" whether you were referring to RR or to the Ann Coulter link I posted.

griftdrift said...

Both actually. I might be a bit of a shrinking violet.

Baby Jesus is not the only one Rudy is shilling for.

Check the update on this post

Anonymous said...

I'd say that both of them can kiss any chance they had at the White House good-bye. For every Christian Right vote they get, they're going to lose the votes of thousands of moderates. I understand that candidates of both major parties have to pander to the extremists to get the nomination, but the kissing up they've been doing lately is unfathomable and very disheartening to see. As a (lower case l) libertarian, I wasn't planning to vote for either of them no matter what, but I hate to see anyone willingly part with his cojones.

Rusty--thanks for posting that Ann Coulter link! Hilarious!

Sara said...

I wonder if he's really thinking of running for the big office, or if he hopes to run for Hillary's seat if it becomes vacant. (OR hopes for a VP nod.)

I've gotta believe people wouldn't take a presidential candidate seriously when his only previous political experience is as a mayor. Even if it was NYC and even if he was also a very media-friendly US Attorney.

Button Gwinnett said...

Gee, what is it with these moderates making such poor decisions on their public appearances?