Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tiramisu Republicans vs Varsity Democrats

When I first heard that the Georgia General Assembly had ditched the traditional last day working dinner of Varsity for a buffet including tiramisu I was outraged. Is nothing sacred, I thought? Now, after a few weeks of reflection, I think the Republicans controlling the legislature made a mistake. A mistake that the now woefully out of power Democrats can exploit.

Let's get past the fact that the Varsity serves delicious food and is an Atlanta, nay, a Georgia institution. At my company, when we have a working lunch, we are served a box containing a sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple and if we are lucky, a Little Debbie. I doubt there are many Georgians that have working lunches involving a catered buffet served by waiters in suits.

Bucking a tradition? Insulting a venerable institution? Fancy, expensive tiramisu instead of God Bless America frugal hot dogs?

This sounds like the perfect opportunity for some good old fashioned populism! Remember when the Democratic party was about populism?

Think this is a little contrived? Especially, when so many important issues lurk? Maybe it is, but it's a symbol and symbols win elections. Give me a symbol over an issue every day of the week and twice on election day.

Here is the exchange I would love to hear between a Republican spinmeister and a Democrat spinmeister:

Republican spinmeister - "While the Democrats are making an issue over what
politicians eat, Republicans are making sure the needs of Georgia citizens are

Democrat spinmeister - "With all due respect to my Republican opponent, I
believe the people of Georgia understand quite well the difference between
continuing to work while eating a good old-fashioned hot dog from the
Varsity rather than abandoning your post to eat some fancy,
imported meal paid for by a bunch of lobbyists."



Sara said...

Maybe the Republicans can exploit the health-nut constituency by pointing out that they wanted a place that serves non-fried vegetables, nay even salads, and where not a single thing on the buffet was either battered or smothered in cheese-like sauce?

(The Varsity scares me a little.)

Anonymous said...

Populism doesn't poll well anymore. Smacks of class wars. Poor people want to be rich and think they will be some day, therefore oppose the Estate Tax, etc. See, e.g., Gore/Lieberman 2000, and see, e.g., John Edwards Two Americas circa 2004. ~Ilsa

griftdrift said...

Well, I'm opposed to the estate tax being any lower than $10 million but thats for another subject.

I think in this case it can work because it's a local level issue. The two Georgia's is something that has been going on for years and still works.

This is a way for Democrats to play anti-Atlanta without actually being anti-Atlanta. A wedge issue.

But I appreciate the thought. Now come join me for a naked dog walking and an F.O.

Anonymous said...

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