Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Manchurian Candidate McKinney

You must see the video of Rep. McKinney from this morning on CNN. Soledad O'Brien grills her like there's no tomorrow. It gets truly bizarre when McKinney refuses to answer and sits staring into the camera. Suddenly a hollow sounding voice comes from the right. It's her attorney who is off camera and not miked. Mercifully, the camera eventually pulls back to show the attorney and someone finally turns on his mic.

CNN Article. Video is about halfway down the page.

We have entered bizarro world.

Props to Imalittledespot at Reality Sucks for the heads up.

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Blackjackk said...

I just watched this video and I watch CNN in the AM just about every morning. Soledad O'Brien is about as soft as it gets. She makes a talk show host like Tyra Banks look like Mike Wallace. And yet McKinney would not even deign to answer the questions.

I don't understand why she wants to make herself look more foolish but she did it. Amazing. Once again, I shake my head in disbelief that this woman can be my congressperson.