Friday, April 21, 2006

New Election Idea

For reasons that are not important, a friend and I were looking at past electoral maps. As I looked at 2000, I once again became annoyed that stupid Al Gore couldn't even carry his home state.

So here's the deal. We no longer all vote on the same day. The week before the national election only the home states of the candidates get to vote. If a candidate doesn't carry their home state, they are finished. Done. Out of the race.

If the people that have known you your whole life don't trust you, why the heck should I?


Sara said...

Won't that encourage a bit of "forum shopping?" Like do we consider Hillary's home state to be NY or Arkansas, where she lived for most of her life? What about Mitt Romney, who would have a near impossible time carrying Mass. but if he relocated to, say, Utah when his term as Mass. governor is up and lived there for a couple years, would carry it with flying colors.

griftdrift said...

Details! Details!

Button Gwinnett said...

It had to be extremely embarrassing for Gore not to carry his own home state. Even with Carter being such an unpopular president in this state, he still carried GA in 1980. Mondale carried MN in 1984. And Dukakis carried MA in 1988.

I suppose it could be said that Gore lost touch with his TN roots after all those years in D.C. But I think his biggest problem is that he forgot to dance with the one that brought him.