Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Politics Of Flash Dancing

Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General, is in a tight race with Tom Gallagher, Florida CFO, for the Republican nomination for Governor. The tighter the race, the greater the potential for wackiness.

Check this out.

Jib Jab should probably call their attorneys.

The Florida gubernatorial race has been flying a little under the radar. Nice to see it heating up and you can expect more posts on the fun by the grifter.

h/t: St. Petersburg Times Buzz

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Sara said...

I remember Charlie Crist from my days working for a lobbyist in the FL legislature back in 1996. He's an ambitious, opportunistic guy but I don't think anyone would ever accuse him of being a closet liberal. If anything, he's a closet conservative who's probably cozying up to trial lawyers and taking more moderate positions to improve his appeal in the general election.

I'd be a lot more critical of him if he weren't a 'Nole.

By the way, his Wikipedia entry certainly looks like the opposition has been contributing heavily. Rumors that he's gay? Illegal Ukranian campaign donors? Failed the bar three times? I guess if his opposition is computer-savvy enough to rip off JibJab, they can figure out how to go negative on Wikipedia.