Monday, April 24, 2006

A Long Day

Finally, my day has ended.

What has been learned today?

Dealing with goverment procedures can be onerous and a pain in the butt. It can be irritating but the hard fact is it hardly gets above that level. It is usually not the labrynthine nightmare some would have you believe.

With a little hard work sacrifice and patience, an individual can accomplish what is needed. What is needed, not what is wanted. If every person made a little more effort, everyone would probably get a lot more done.


Government = irritating but not so bad.

Individual effort = needed and ultimately rewarding.

Like family, we need government even when it's irritating. But, in the end, the only person who will ever truly have control is yourself.

Maybe that's the middle we need to find.


Anonymous said...

To understand political power right, and derive it form its original, we must consider what state of perfect freedom to order their actions(notice their not they're), and dispose of their possessions and persons as they think fit (here I'm confused persons is he talking about slavery or just suffrage?), within the bounds of the lawof Nature, without asking leave or depending upon th will of any other man.

John Locke 8/29/1632to 10/28/1704

griftdrift said...

You want your damn thirty dollars back? I want my kidney back! ~John Locke of Oceanic Flight 831