Thursday, April 06, 2006

Slow Morning

Between the insanely high pollen count, real work and being distracted by my new iPod, I haven't had much to say this morning.

Hopefully one of my new girlfriends Cynthia or Katherine will throw a loop-d-loop and I will have time for a new ramble.

In the meantime, go read THIS.

Bushy! You got some splainin to do!


Blackjackk said...

Wow - shocker. You mean Bush has a vengeful streak? That is so unlike him!

griftdrift said...

Now he said he would fire anyone found leaking. So that means....wait...uh oh

Anonymous said...

So Scooter's started singing. Funny how all that loyalty for which the members of this administration are famous goes out the window when one of the rats needs to save his ass and the skinny, hairless tail attached to it.

Sara said...

Apparently the thinking is that by authorizing the leaking of the contents of the memo, in a legal sense Bush declassified that document by fiat, so leaking the contents wasn't actually a legal violation anymore. Or something like that.

griftdrift said...

That's exactly the point. Bush has the authority to declassify. But it looks bad. Legal but not good politically. It looks vindictive and shows a willingness to peddle national security matters to trash a rival. And one thing to clarify. So far the testimony doesn't actually say Scooter was authorized to out Valerie Plame. What they are talking about here was responding to Joe Wilson's op-ed piece.

It's too bad old Joe is such a jackass. It would make this all much more twisted if he was a shining knight.

Anonymous said...

fOf course, Scooter wasn't indicted for leaking, but for lying about what he knew about the whole affair. While I'm not a legal scholar, it would seem that even if the leak was legal and authorized by Dubya, Scooter's still on the hook for perjury.

BTW, if Scooter's assertion about Dubya is true, now we know the real reason everyone in the administration has refused to "comment on an ongoing investigation." And here I've been thinking all along that it was to protect Karl Rove