Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 6: McKinney Siege Continues

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Day 6 of Hairgate and suddenly the woods are still and quiet. Time for bloggers to step up to the plate and continue the thrashing!

Dignan of Red State wants to throw his hat in the ring for the 4th Georgia.

As noted by a commentor, I am of legal age and reside in the 4th district, why don't I run? Good point! We can't just have a red blogger in the race! We need a blue blogger too! Okay, okay, I'm actually a wandering shade of purple but that's just details. The devil's in those you know.

Dignan has all sorts of fancy campaign themes. I'm going to stick with the simple.


I mean, we don't need to completely remove the crazy from Georgia. We have a fine heritage of crazy in our fair state. We just got too much crazy right now. We need to moderate the crazy.

So if you want just a little crazy in your life, I'm your man.

Unlike Dignan, I will not ask for contributions to support my run. Instead I encourage you to join me at Manuel's Tavern on thursday around 7:00pm for a Draft Griftdrift Party.

After all, anyone who knows me knows after four beers I never say no.


Sara said...

The filing deadline isn't until September, so that's good.

The bad news is you have to either pay a $4800 filing fee, or file a pauper's affidavit which I'm pretty sure you don't qualify for.

Looks like contributions wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

politically blonde said...

Cynthia made an ass out of herself this morning on CNN. Soledad rox.

griftdrift said...

Video is now linked politicallyblonde. It's a hoot! Everyone must see this.

Button Gwinnett said...

This is reminding me of Nightline's nightly count of the Iranian hostage crisis! ;-) Lord, please let it end soon. Good job griftdrift!!