Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ye Gods! We're The Bangkok of the South!

From ten blocks away, I can hear the retching. I imagine many of the eternally smiley faces at the ACVB have donned their little-used frowny faces.

Atlanta is the #1 underage sex center in the country!

There are many foul, foul things in this article. We are known for our entertainment, especially the adult kind, but no one and I mean no one from the Bible thumpers to the strip club owners want this kind of reputation. In fact, I would bet you that the strip club owners are more horrified than the preachers. With good reason.

H/T: Shakespeare's Sister


Richard Campbell said...

In 2002, there were 15 pimps of mostly-underage prostitutes that got caught in Atlanta - 13 pled out and 2 ended up with 30 / 40 years (after about 89 counts of kidnapping, extortion, and trafficking).

Welcome to the Empire State of the South.

griftdrift said...

They do say Hartsfield is the engine of our economy! Okay, I just icked myself out.