Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jeb Is Not Happy With Katherine Harris

Jeb Bush in the Washington Post:

""I am the party leader. I've got concerns," the governor said in response to a reporter's question"

Well no kidding!

The day just isn't complete without some nutty rising up from Florida.

Remember, kids! The qualifying deadline for the Florida Republican Primary is May 12th! We must all put our collective thoughts together and mind meld Harris the strength to continue until that fateful date!

I may have to install a countdown clock. The dramatic tension would be so delicious!


Sara said...

God help us if Jeb is hoping to start up a little "draft Jeb" campaign to get him to step in as her replacement in the event she withdraws.

Going all the way back to 1994 when he narrowly lost the FL governor's race to "Walkin' Lawton" Chiles, I've always been more scared of Jeb than I ever was of George W. Jeb's got all the worst of W's ideology plus the brains to be even more effective at carrying out a truly frightening conservative agenda.

griftdrift said...

I think Jeb has bigger fish on his horizon. I believe the more likely scenario is that the state party will rustle up some state legislator as a sacrifical lamb. But one that won't crap all over itself on the way to the altar. They can no longer be in this to win. They just have to get out with some shred of respect.

Anonymous said...

I bet Alan Keyes would be happy to run.

Anonymous said...

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