Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Answering Senator Johnson's Question

We had so much fun with Senator Eric Johnson last year. Surely this session can't get any better, can it?

Senator Johnson asks a pretty simple question.
Just thinking out loud, we ought to look at — what if Grady ceased to exist?

I'll take a stab, Sen. Johnson!

Level 1 trauma patients would have to be flown over 170 miles to UAB in Birmingham? Thus possibly missing what health professionals call the "golden hour"?

Okay, how about this! Convention business would die up since the city would have no facility which could support a mass casualty event?

Still not good enough? Then, let me get right down to the meat of the sitchiation.

We'd be Mississippi. Actually after a bit of research, not only did I find out Mississippi has a Level One Trauma center but the state actually funds it. So scratch that. We wouldn't even be Mississippi.

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Sara said...

I was gonna suggest Arkansas since as of 2005 they did not have one, but it looks like they went and got them a Level One Trauma Center at some point.

So we couldn't even best Arkansas. That's pretty sorry.