Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First "Attack" Ad In Ga. Governor Campaign

You can watch it here or here.

My one word review is meh. This is an attack ad? Scourging a man for filing his taxes late? I would expect a little more out of the state that produced Gene's "rastus" and that crazy little old lady from Americus that wanted to "put Wyche Fowler out".

Democrat hopefuls Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor have predictably said, don't blame us.

I'd say the same thing. I'd be too worried that people might become sympathetic to Perdue as a modern-day Robin Hood giving his finger to the tax man.


Blackjackk said...

It's OK. I don't think it will change opinions one way or the other about him and those in the middle will probably forget about it quickly once tax day is come and gone.

I was just humming the ol' Margie Lopp song earlier today. I can still sing the whole damn thing even over 10 years later - and I hated it the whole time. It was so cornpone - but ultra effective.

stevem said...

Is this the Purdue chicken guy?