Sunday, April 30, 2006

Katherine Harris And The Higher Calling

It's almost as if she knows I am in her state. God is telling Katherine Harris to run for Senate.

"Harris has hinted at that, but former top political adviser Ed Rollins says it straight out, quoting Harris as telling him: "God wants me to be senator.""

Mysterious ways indeed.


Sara said...

I asked my parents, rock solid Florida Republicans, about Katherine Harris today. They both said they think she is actually mentally unstable, not fit to hold any office, and neither one of them would be caught dead voting for her. They're always my barometer about how your average Republican voter thinks--and if they think a Republican candidate is in trouble, they usually are.

Button Gwinnett said...

She's a bit Tammy-Faye-ish with her makeup too. But I guess that's a criticism for another day. ;-) We have convicted killers that claim God told them to kill the innocent. But we tend not to believe them either.

Her family's money may get their name on the University of Florida's football stadium. But I doubt it or anything else she has gets her access inside the pearly gates.

griftdrift said...

48 hours in Florida and griftdrift has not heard a peep from Kate. I just know she's gonna pull her skirt over her head while I am on the road today.

Button Gwinnett said...

LOL! You should've been in contact with her people before your trip. Who knows? She might've met you at the state line! ;-)