Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Katherine Harris And The Pesky Process Pests

A day without Katherine Harris is like a day without butter. Sad and wanting.

According to the St. Petersburg Times blog Rep. Harris appeared on the Kathy Fountain show. Even though I spend half my time in the Tampa area, I have no idea who Kathy Fountain is or that she has a show. Anywho, naughty talking heads like Ms. Fountain just keep harping on those pesky process stories. Like how Harris fired all her staff and changed all the office locks. Or that she's threatening to sell everything she owns to keep campaigning.

Asked if she believed news organizations doctored photos in 2000, Harris responded,

Harris: "I haven't worn blue eye shadow since 7th grade and some of those
photographs had me in blue eye shadow.''

Fountain: "But you don't really think the newspapers doctored your

Harris: "I just question why there was blue eye shadow. But it doesn't
matter. Why are we talking about this? Kathy, that's so silly. Because people
care about the issues. If the media wants to talk about appearances that's
different, but I'm not going to talk about it. That's demeaning to women...They
don't talk about men's balding or their weight, or their diminutive size."

Diminutive size! Does that mean what I think it means?

Harris has a slight point here. The media and bloggers (Wonkette, I'm looking at you) do seem to be obsessed with Harris looks. And it is true that male politicians do seem to get a pass on appearance. So I do have a little sympathy.

So I will take a pledge. No matter how weird it becomes, I will not make fun of Katherine Harris' appearance. However, that will not refrain me from talking about the fact that she is coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

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Sara said...

Oh yes we do make fun of male politicians' appearance! The Kerry "why the long face" jokes, Bush's uncanny resemblance to a chimpanzee, Tom DeLay's Botox, Trent Lott's helmet head, all the jokes about Bill Clinton's fluctuating weight, etc. And trust me if Rick Santorum showed up at a rally in a hot pink spandex shirt and skintight jeans, people would most certainly say something about it.

If nothing else her strange choices in the personal presentation department raise a valid question about her own seriousness and soundness as a candidate when she makes herself look like that before going out to a public appearance. Remember when Cheney wore the puffy GoreTex coat to the holocaust ceremony and took tons of crap for it? It's about appropriateness to the occasion, and respect for the office you are running for. Hot pink spandex across enormous ta-ta's do not command respect. Oh how I wish they did.

Sara said...

Dude, Wonkette like totally copied you!