Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spaz Is Offensive?

Who knew?

Tiger Woods' remarks about his play after the final round at the Masters
has caused an international uproar.

"I putted atrociously today," Woods said after tying for third. "Once I
got on the green I was a spaz. This is the most three-putts I've ever had

Newspapers in Britain spent two days admonishing Woods for his use of
the word "spaz," to describe his putting.

The Daily Telegraph called it "extraordinarily insensitive" and
compared his "gaffe" to Fuzzy Zoeller's 1997 comments after Woods won his first
Masters. Zoeller said Woods would probably be serving "chicken and collard
greens" at the next year's champions dinner.

Ummmm, okay. I hate stories like this. How about this my British cousins. How about untwisting your knickers a bit? Methinks the blood supply is pooling dangerously in your arse.


Li Mortacci Tua said...

Well did he putt like a spaz?

gobbie said...

I'm with you. I have been using the word with great pride for years. Who knew that it was offensive??? I'll tell you who...British people. What are they doing watching the PGA anyway? shouldn't they be sipping tea and shooting foxes?